Orthodontic Plier Repair
Setting the Standard—and Exceeding it

precision plier service
Since 1993, Precision Plier Service has been setting the industry standard for reliable orthodontic plier repair. Our senior repair technicians have an unprecedented 75 years of combined experience. We provide plier repair services to thousands of orthodontic professionals around the world.


No other company is better qualified or more experienced in orthodontic plier repair. That’s why more than 30 manufacturers and distributors in over 25 countries trust Precision Plier Service to keep their instruments in top working order.

Competitor Repair Quality
Orthodontic plier repair is a specialized service that should only be performed by trained experts. Choosing the wrong company to repair your orthodontic pliers could result in irreparable damage and prevent the possibility of future repair. Precision Plier Service guarantees a “like new” repair that won't compromise the integrity of your instruments.

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Compare Precision Plier Service to Competitor LX3 Alloy
LX3 Alloy ™ is the result of our endless dedication to quality and our promise to deliver the world’s best orthodontic plier repair. Our exclusive LX3 Alloy ™ will not tarnish like the inferior steels that are commonly used by our competitors. This results in a repair that lasts up to three times longer.
Our Story
Humble Beginnings
In 1993, Pat Savage, a former orthodontic assistant and orthodontic plier manufacturer’s rep, started Precision Plier Service from her garage. Her company filled a niche that no one else occupied at the time: orthodontic plier repair. The business started out small, but was fueled by passion and determination.

It wasn’t easy. Over the years, Pat overcame many of the same trials and tribulations—and experienced the same ups and downs—faced by small business owners across the country.
Precision Plier Service can sharpen and re-tip
repair all types of orthodontic pliers Expertise
Precision Plier Service can sharpen, re-tip, and repair all types of orthodontic pliers from every orthodontic plier manufacturer, including:
best value in orthodontic plier repair Value
We provide the best value in orthodontic plier repair. Precision Plier Service delivers more for your money, including free re-tips with our exclusive LX3 Alloy ™, free inbound shipping, and same-day turnaround upon request. And unlike other companies, we perform all repairs in-house to ensure consistent quality and precision.
guarantee on all plier repairs Guarantee
Precision Plier Service offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orthodontic plier repairs. If you are ever less than completely satisfied with your service, simply return the item and we’ll repair it again at no charge.
recondition your orthodontic instruments The Art of Orthodontics &
Orthodontic Plier Repair
You wouldn't expect your patients to hire a general dentist to treat a specialized orthodontia case -- so why would you settle for someone who's not a specialist to recondition your orthodontic instruments? Just because someone has the ability to sharpen dental hand instruments, hunting knives, or beautician scissors doesn't mean they are qualified to repair orthodontic pliers. This is a highly specialized process that should only be performed by highly trained, precise craftsmen. At Precision Plier Service, we offer exceptionally precise sharpening and optimization of orthodontic instruments.
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