We’re the world's 1st orthodontic plier repair company and the only company to specialize in orthodontic instrument sharpening, re-tipping, and repair – all orthodontic types and brands.




In 1993, Pat Savage, a former orthodontic assistant and orthodontic plier manufacturer’s rep, started Precision Plier Service from her garage. Her company filled a niche that no one else occupied at the time – orthodontic instrument repair.


How long will it take to retip, sharpen and/or recondition my orthodontic pliers?

Generally our lead time to repair any orthodontic instrument, whether we’re sharpening, retipping or reconditioning the orthodontic pliers is five days or less.

However, because we perform all orthodontic instrument repair services in-house we’re able to turn repair orders around in as little as one day.

How often should I sharpen, retip or recondition my orthodontic instruments?

Most orthodontic instrument manufacturers recommend that you sharpen or recondition your orthodontic pliers and instruments every 6-9 months. This will ensure that your instruments remain in tip-top shape and perform the way they are intended to.

That said, if your orthodontic cutters and instruments are performing well go ahead and continue to use them. If you notice that your distal end cutters are no longer holding wire securely in place after cutting then it’s time to service your orthodontic instruments. If your pin & ligature cutters are no longer cutting precisely at the tip, crimping the wire, or you experience play or a wobble in the hinge then it’s time to service your orthodontic pliers.

What orthodontic instrument brands do you sharpen, retip and recondition?

The short answer is all of them. We work closely with most of the world’s top orthodontic instrument manufacturers. We’re very familiar with all orthodontic instrument manufacturers and their entire line including how they should look, feel and perform. We take great care to provide our customers with an orthodontic instrument service that delivers like new results that won’t compromise the integrity of your orthodontic instruments.

Do you accept international orthodontic plier repair orders?

Absolutely! We ship and receive multiple international orthodontic instrument repair orders each day. Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America – the process is simple, safe and fast. Contact us for detailed mailing instructions.

How do I send my orthodontic instruments and pliers in for repair?

Request your free mailing kit. The mailing kit includes a free postage paid mailing label, repair work order and corrugated mailing box. Simply load up the box with any orthodontic instruments you feel may need retipping, sharpening, or service. Include a completed copy of the orthodontic plier repair work order and hand the box to your USPS representative or simply drop it in the mailbox. Before you know it your orthodontic pliers will be repaired and returned to you performing like new.