The Best Orthodontic Pliers & Instruments Brands and Companies

When it comes to orthodontic instruments your choices are seemingly endless. A simple Google search will reveal numerous orthodontic instrument brands from many sources. High-end precision quality orthodontic instruments and cheap knocks offs are offered to orthodontists by familiar and not so familiar orthodontic instrument brand names. Some of the industry’s top orthodontic instrument brands are 3M Oral Care, American Orthodontics, Rocky Mountain Orthodontics, HuFriedy, and Ormco. We’ll refrain from calling out these orthodontic instrument brands which we believe are cheap knock offs by name for obvious reasons though we will implore you to shop carefully and choose wisely.

When it’s time to purchase orthodontic pliers, we recommend that you exercise caution. Precision Plier Service recommends that you only consider orthodontic pliers from brand names. Don’t be enticed by cheap imitations commonly offered online and throughout orthodontic meeting exhibit hall. Carefully look at the orthodontic pliers fit and finish, especially between the jaws and around the hinge and tips. The gaps should be tight and the finish should be smooth. Test the orthodontic wire cutters, actually cut wire that the orthodontic instrument was designed to cut. For example, a distal end cutter from a quality orthodontic instrument manufacturer will cut clean and hold the wire firmly in place. Poor quality orthodontic instruments on the other hand will do just the opposite. Never purchase an orthodontic plier without testing it first and don’t be afraid to test more than one plier on display. When you invest in quality orthodontic pliers you will realize many benefits including a longer useful life, improved control, efficiency, and patient comfort.

Types Of Orthodontic Pliers & Instruments

Orthodontic Wire Cutters

  • Distal End Cutters With Safety Hold
  • Distal End Cutters With Safety Hold Long Handle
  • Flush Cut Distal End Cutter
  • Hard Wire Cutters
  • Pin & Ligature Cutters
  • Mini Pin & Ligature Cutters
  • Micro Mini Pin & Ligature Cutters

Orthodontic Utility Pliers

  • Weingart Pliers
  • Howe Pliers
  • Adhesive Removing Pliers
  • Posterior Band Removing Pliers
  • Debonding Pliers (Anterior)
  • Debonding Pliers (Posterior)
  • Crown & Band Contouring Pliers

Orthodontic Wire Forming Pliers

  • Jarabak Pliers
  • Three Prong Pliers
  • Bird Beak Pliers
  • Bird Beak Pliers With Cutter
  • Light Wire Forming Pliers
  • Tweed Loop Forming
  • Rectangular Arch Forming
  • Lingual Arch Forming Pliers
  • Hollow Chop Contouring Pliers
  • Light Wire Pliers
  • Stop (V-Bend) Pliers
  • Niti Three Jaw Pliers
  • Niti Distal Cinch Back Pliers

Ligating Pliers

  • Mathieus
  • Hemostats
  • Ligature Directors

Orthodontic Plier & Instrument Manufacturers

  • 3M Oral Care
  • American Orthodontics
  • DB Orthodontics
  • Dentaurum
  • GAC International
  • HuFriedy
  • Ormco
  • RMO / Rocky Mountain Orthodontics

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