The Art of Orthodontics and Orthodontic Instrument Repair

The Art of Orthodontics and Orthodontic Instrument Repair As a specialist in orthodontics you wouldn't expect someone to hire a general dentist to treat their specialized orthodontia case - so why would you consider hiring a company that doesn’t specialize in orthodontic instrument repair to service your instruments? After all, orthodontic instruments are specialized instruments and how they perform directly impacts you’re ability to efficiently and effectively treat your patients.

Just because someone has the ability to sharpen dental hand instruments, hunting knives, or sheep shears doesn't mean they are qualified to repair orthodontic instruments.

Orthodontic plier repair is a highly specialized process that should only be performed by experienced craftsmen. Choosing the wrong company to repair your orthodontic pliers could result in irreparable damage and prevent the possibility of future repair. Precision Plier Service guarantees a “like new” repair that won't compromise the integrity of your instruments.

At Precision Plier Service, we’re not a jack of all trades; we’re specialists in one – orthodontic instrument repair.

Precision Plier Service offers expert orthodontic instrument sharpening, orthodontic instrument re-tipping, orthodontic instrument reconditioning service.

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